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Our apartment is falling down. I'm choosing to find it funny.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Oh and.

It occurs to me that I left on quite a cliffhanger. The short of it: She didn't cancel our lease. Not only did she forget that threat, but apparently she became totally belligerent when LP explained, in late May, that we would be moving out.

Seems LP told Gloria that some of her landlady practices were illegal; Gloria replied "You're illegal!" LP also called her a slumlord, but Gloria didn't know what that meant, so then they had to have a time-out so that LP could define it. At least this has been a learning experience for us all.

Bringing it all back (Home)

I know, it's been too long. It's been so long that I got de-linked from one of two sites that ever linked me. Somehow, miraculously, though, it hasn't been long enough for people to forget that this thing existed. I've been bugged about blogging at least twice, and I'm pretty susceptible to peer pressure.

So. We're moving out at the end of the month. I'm happy never to have to fight with Gloria again, sad to leave this neighborhood behind, and pissed off about my security deposit, which is lost to the ages. I imagine it's tucked snugly into the Trembicky war-crime blackmail fund.

Speaking of which, last week we acquired a free DVD of the new show by the guys from the State. (Bear with me; I promise I'll earn that segue in a second). The State was to sketch comedy what Sassy was to magazines back in 1994; three of its creators, Michaels Ian Black and Showalter and David Wain went on to make Wet Hot American Summer. This new show is called Stella and features the three of them running around the Upper East Side in suits, driving into telephone polls and pouring tea tree oil on people. It's like a metrosexual Three Stooges, and at the risk of sounding like a Comedy Central shill, it's genius. Why is this relevant? Because in the first episode, the three (SPOILER ALERT) accidentally kill their landlord, who is then revealed to be (ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT) Joseph Mengele. I bet few others in the audience will identify quite as strongly during that big disclosure.